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Linea Libera - your laboratory's trusted partner

We are the company that suggests reliable solutions for our clients and always strives to do more than the others.

We focus on developing close-knit relationships, ensuring the best work culture and highest quality services, fulfilling your needs and strengthening sustainable partnerships with key suppliers.

We prioritize communication with the client and consultations because only in this way we can clearly understand the needs of each one of our clients. Only then we can find the solution tailored to the specific client.

Our experienced specialists will provide the best support at every step of the process – choosing the laboratory equipment which works for you, implementing it at your place of business, and ensuring ongoing maintenance.

About Us

We have been successfully working and sharing knowledge and experience since 1993. At Linea Libera, we:

  • Suggest a wide variety of laboratory equipment;
  • Choose the equipment to meet your requirements;
  • Implement the technologies;
  • Carry out technological maintenance and service.
Trusted partners
30 years of
Attention and knowledge
to your laboratory
Creating benefit to
each client
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