About Us

Mokslininkė atlieka pipetavimą

Linea libera – we are probably one of the most sustainable companies working to provide advanced technologies for all laboratories in Lithuania.

Linea libera was established in 1993 and since we have been working on:

  • Improve and create added value for the clients and the suppliers;
  • Listen to the individual needs and find the best solutions;
  • Forsee a couple of steps forward. 

We are laboratory people 

Having worked in science companies and production laboratories, we know the laboratory’s work conditions and requirements for the inside – that is why we understand your goals and needs

We are a knowledge company

Our goal is to accelerate the growth of advanced technologies within the Lithuanian market. Our partners are global leaders in technology development and production. We are constantly learning from our partners, to deepen our understanding and increase our knowledge about the equipment, advanced technologies we are distributing and the way they can be effectively applied in work. Innovations are not only the base of progress for us – it is also a part of our DNR

We are reliable solutions ensurers

We see the big picture, know the essence of technologies and provide reliable, individually tailored solutions. Our goal is to be a valuable and trustworthy partner for our clients.